Landscape Institute and Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure position statement

Green Infrastructure position statement

A free download of the LI’s policy document: Green Infrastructure: connected and multifunctional landscapes.

It outlines the central principles behind the “green infrastructure” (GI) concept, and the associated environmental, social and economic benefits.

It illustrates these with a series of case studies:

  • The Newlands, Mersey Forest and Weaver Valley Initiative
  • Crewe Business Park
  • Ingrebourne Hill in London
  • The River Ray Corridor in Swindon
  • The Royal Parks in London

The document also tries to pin down some of the terminology (page 4):

“Connectivity – Connectivity between different GI assets will help maximise the benefits that they generate. This connectivity can be visual or notional; however physical connections make the most impact. This connectivity can enhance public engagement with the natural environment, improve opportunities for biodiversity migration and assist in encouraging sustainable forms of travel.”

“Multifunctionality – Understanding multifunctionality is central to the GI approach to land use planning. Where land performs a range of functions it affords a far greater range of social, environmental and economic benefits than might otherwise be delivered.”

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