People makes places – research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Public Spaces - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Public Spaces - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Public Spaces workgroup at Joseph Rowntree Trust has a series of interesting research pieces asking ‘What makes a successful public place?’

Some are a couple of years old but they tie in nicely with the flavour of our recent blog postings.

Most of their key points seem like common sense, but perhaps they are sometimes lost in the planning, design and implementation processes?

• Successful public spaces rely on people using them. People make places.
• There is clear evidence of the importance of public spaces in successful regeneration policies and for creating sustainable communities.
• Spaces that successfully attract social activity are often banal in design, or untidy in their activities – such as street markets and allotments. Designers need to be responsive to the use of public spaces, not just aesthetics.
• It is important that local people are consulted about what they want from the public spaces in their communities if these places are to deliver their full promise.

ESI references:


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