Outdoor play / education in America

Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect - Buffalo Public School 90

Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect - Buffalo Public School 90

The American Society of Landscape Architects has established a new professional practice network based on children’s outdoor environments – Children’s Outdoor Environments Professional Practice Network. Its focus is on ‘designing areas for children to play, learn, and develop a relationship with nature’.

One of the case studies from their first newsletter is Buffalo Public School 90, ‘a shining example of how landscape architecture makes a true and lasting difference in people’s lives’. There’s a good explanation of how each element of the redesigned outdoor space integrates with the school curriculum. Maths, science, languages, geography, art and physical education are all catered for.

Elsewhere, the Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design at the University of Colorado at Denver works with ‘the design professions and allied disciplines to promote the health, safety and welfare of children and youth.’

Current projects include:

If They Build It, Will They Come?
An evaluation of the effects of the redevelopment of inner-city school grounds on the physical activity of children.

Intergenerational Mural
Elder artists are working with school children to create a multi-dimensional representation of a child-friendly community.

Urban Hens
Aims to develop a sustainable model for re-introducing chickens in Boulder backyards, providing children with an opportunity to learn more about a local food source.

For great examples of natural playgrounds browse Playscapes – a blog about playground design.

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  1. Children's Outdoor Toys Says:

    I really appreciate that American Society of Landscape Architects has established such kind of practice network, it will surly explore children’s potential.

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