Solar power and street furniture

Zava solar-powered street lighting

Zava solar-powered street lighting

As we’re getting used to solar-powered bus stops in the UK, the next generation of solar-powered public furniture is being designed.

Vekso’s Nanok is a litter bin with a solar powered compactor which compresses rubbish, minimising its volume by around 80%. This, in turn, reduces the costs and carbon dioxide associated with emptying the bin.

Zava’s PV.LED solar-powered street lighting really combines external illumination with creative design and a pleasing aesthetic.

Solion’s Solard is a solar bollard that ‘gives off enough light from LEDs to enable drivers to see the bollards and act as a pathway marker for pedestrians.’ No wiring is required from grid sources, eliminating the need to dig up roads.

Clever Bins’ litter bins use a solar-powered daylight-charging system to illuminate static and dynamic on-bin advertising panels.

Greenbarnes’ solar-powered noticeboards use motion sensors and a timing mechanism to ensure that lighting is active only when people are in close proximity, hence maximising battery life.

And Nikola Knezevic has designed a suite of futuristic solar-powered street furniture – news stands / street lamps / ATMs – which shares its energy between linked modules to maximise efficiency and ensure the lights don’t go out anywhere.

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3 Responses to “Solar power and street furniture”

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    […] considered the use of solar power and wind power as sources of energy for the urban landscape I was intrigued by the recent publicity […]

  2. Furniture in Portadown Says:

    Owning a furniture shop this is of great interest to me.

    but how can a sloar powered street light work? especially when they are only meant to turn on at night and there is no sun?

    Will they have to have some sort of storing system throughout the day? which will actually increase cost?

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    […] Solar Power and street furniture -What next for solar power? […]

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