17 words of architectural inspiration (or not)


Daniel Libeskind in front of the Denver Art Museum

Daniel Libeskind riffing on his “17 words of architectural inspiration“, from the TED archive.

Everyone loves a list, but Libeskind’s does not seem to go down well, if the posted comments are anything to go by. Ouch.

  • Optimism vs pessimism
  • Expressive vs neutral
  • Radical vs conservative
  • Emotional vs cool
  • Inexplicable vs understood
  • Hand vs computer
  • Real vs simulated
  • Complex vs simple
  • Political vs evasive
  • Unexpected vs habitual
  • Raw vs refined
  • Pointed vs blunt
  • Memorable vs forgettable
  • Communicative vs mute
  • Risky vs safe
  • Space vs fashion
  • Democratic vs authoritarian


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