Shaping creative cities in the UK and East Asia

Rental bikes in Hangzhou - rlerdorf on Flickr

Rental bikes in Hangzhou - rlerdorf on Flickr

The British Council’s Creative Cities project aims to enable ‘city-shapers of East Asia develop relationships with people in the UK that help to make their cities open to new ways of thinking, well networked, well designed and prosperous.’

I might suggest that there’s probably a lot that the UK could learn from the ideas and experiences of Australian, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Korean cities.

There’s a good blog, with a range of contributors, covering themes such as Social spaces, Sustainable cities and Future visions.

Worth a dip:
Jared Braiterman on biodiversity in Tokyo where ‘residents are experts in blurring public and private spaces, and growing vertical gardens in even the narrowest openings.’

Amber Parkin on Hangzhou’s bike-sharing scheme. 10,000 bikes, located at 350 stations. London hopes to get its chargeable bike-hire scheme off the ground in 2010.

Jess Scully on Seoul’s smart city shelter which reports changes in the city’s air quality, as well as providing shelter from the elements.

And Jess Scully again on public art in Thailand, with an introduction to Apostrophy’S reinterpretation of Bangkok’s Victory Monument (think the Arc de Triomphe) through a lens of ‘sustainable community regeneration, architecture and media technologies.’


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