How Twitter can benefit architects

Social media ROI  - Intersection Consulting on Flickr

Social media ROI - Intersection Consulting on Flickr

Jason Wagner of Oculus Inc has a good piece on The American Institute of Architects website on how architects can use Twitter to support their practice.

What’s good about it:

  • It talks directly to architects, rather than being general advice for all Twitter users.
  • Although it’s styled as 10 tips, each one is furnished with good, relevant examples.
  • It embraces the jargon, but doesn’t fail to explain what it all means.

For an architect, Twitter can be a potentially valuable tool in your arsenal if you know how to use it effectively. By now you are probably asking yourself, “What can I get out of Twitter to help me as an architect: A) Get more business, B) Be more visible in the design community, or C) Meet and network with people who need architectural services.”

Twitter will not automatically do these things for you. With anything, reward comes after work. No one can tell you why you or your company needs to be on Twitter. You need to determine whether Twitter is something you are interested in. If Twitter is something you think you might want to pursue, these tips will help you get the most out of your experience.

1. When selecting your profile, figure out if you are going to BE the company, or if you are going to be an employee IN the company.
2. If you tweet it, they will come.
3. Just because you follow someone, it doesn’t mean you are talking to them.
4. Fill out your bio. Provide an avatar photo.
5. Start getting noticed by providing value, not tweeting about your lunch.
6. Information is power- utilize search and set up RSS feeds.
7. Encourage others in your office (or offices if you have multiple locations) to use Twitter.
8. Get an application to manage your Twitter stream(s).
9. CEO’s of fortune 500 companies (and many other smaller companies for that matter) are not on Twitter.
10. Retweets, Followfridays and Tweetups oh my!

Here’s another of our posts on using LinkedIn, and here’s one on the benefits of social media for architects and designers.



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