What actually works? Web info as a tool for practicing architects and designers


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Summary: the day-to-day work of designers and specifiers will benefit as much from better organised online technical information as it will from new social media. And, importantly, front-line specialists need to be involved as content creators as well as consumers.


Clearly valuable online information

Harnessing realtime online information and social media for business projects is an interesting idea for construction professionals. The subject is generating plenty of column inches and online buzz.

But networking is only one part of day-to-day work, virtual or otherwise.

Repositories of applicable, accessible technical information are at least as likely to make a meaningful impact on jobs in hand – on executing, completing and delivering projects.

Web 2.0 principles still apply though, especially the concept of many-to-many information sharing rather than top-down commissioning and centralised publication.

Call for papers: ESI.info Knowledge Bank

For our part, we have set up the ESI.info Knowledge Bank to help give some structure to the ongoing exchange of practical skills and experience in the construction industry. Our role is to host, categorise and index, then to share, link, circulate and distribute.

Some examples:

Who can contribute? The Knowledge Bank is open to contributions from any individual or organisation with experience or expertise in the construction marketplaces.

Where will the information appear? All ‘Expert’ pages are fully searchable via the Knowledge Bank on ESI.info. ESI editors will also classify your expert page and link it to the search results for relevant topics.

What exposure will you get? Company logo or a photograph; contact details (email/telephone); up to 12 captioned illustrations to support the article; PDF documents to download; link to any page on your website; link to additional product or service information published on ESI.info.

There is no charge for contributing to the Knowledge Bank. All we ask is that you add a link to ESI.info from your own website.

Your expert opinion

To join in or to ask more questions:



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