Learning from the downturn


What can the construction industry learn from the Portuguese Red Cross or Brazilian flip-flop makers?

All covered in some branding and marketing suggestions from JWT’s AnxietyIndex project.

Which organisations and brands have successfully navigated the downturn, and how have they done it? It’s taken from a B2C perspective, but it’s easy to find parallels between the top-line findings and B2B situations.

You can download the full report free of charge.

Brand Lessons from the Great Recession (topline findings)

  1. Find your value voice.
  2. Remove the risk from price.
  3. Don’t shy away from tackling anxiety head on.
  4. Leverage public sentiment.
  5. Give consumers more control.
  6. Provide a real service for consumers.
  7. Inspire rather than empathize with consumers.
  8. Return to the core value of hope.
  9. Re-imagine how your products are sold.
  10. Use the recession to achieve a higher goal.

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