Renewable energy sources and street furniture, part 2

Santorini wind / solar hybrid street lamp

Santorini wind / solar hybrid street lamp

Having looked previously at solar power and street furniture I thought it might be interesting to explore other renewables and street furniture.

Urban Green Energy produces the Santorini wind / solar hybrid street lamp which combines a 600W wind turbine and 80W solar panels to ensure continuous street light. There is no need to connect the lamp to the mains, although more powerful models can and the excess energy sold onto the gird.

Ningbo Sunflower Solar Technology Co is one of various Chinese manufacturers with similar systems in production.

Haneum Lee has designed the Gaon street light which is powered by food waste. Designed for busy pedestrian environments, people bin their waste in the compartment at the base of the lighting column. The composting process generates methane which is used to power the lights.

There’s also the Energy Seed, an LED bollard powered by discarded alkaline batteries. ‘The unit combines any left over juice from all the batteries to power a super efficient LED ring.’

Energy Seed

Energy Seed

APT Controls’ solar and wind powered rising arm barrier avoids the cost and disruption associated with providing a mains supply. APT links it in with the UK’s government desire that all schools are sustainable by 2020.

Finally Westotec offers solar and / or wind powered, vehicle activated, road safety signage. Again, the key selling point is avoiding the cost and disruption of a mains connection.

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4 Responses to “Renewable energy sources and street furniture, part 2”

  1. kris Says:

    is this really could implemented in our streets??
    if so wow, what a really nice looking streets..
    and really energy saving..
    great post..!!

  2. Kinetic energy and the urban landscape, part 3 « External Works Says:

    […] considered the use of solar power and wind power as sources of energy for the urban landscape I was intrigued by the recent publicity for kinetic […]

  3. Furniture in Portadown Says:

    Same as Kris on this one! If this is implemented on our streets it could be pretty awesome. i would just like to know what the costs are behind these new products?! Im sure in the long run it will defintely be beneficial to our planet tho!

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