3 perspectives on bridges in public space


by National Galleries of Scotland Commons on Flickr

More ruminations on walkability, this time the result of Stirling’s newest footbridge being closed for maintenance last week. There followed a few days of general upset, as the fine tolerances of my routine commute were thrown out of whack: missing trains, getting caught in rain, being late for tea.

So, in recognition of bridges:

#1 Infrascape Design lines up examples of ‘infrastructural art’, including Hockney’s Brooklyn Bridge and Hubert Blanz’s Roadshow #5.

#2 Playscapes, whose posts are always uplifting, shows some of the bridges featured in the Grounds for Play project in the grounds of Mackintosh’s House for an Art Lover, in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park. They include Alex Rigg and Trevor Leat’s Bellahouston Ship, and Lorraine Aaron’s Rainbow Bridge.

#3 Web Urbanist gives a whistle-stop tour of the surviving highlights of ancient infrastructure in Bridges That Babble On: 15 Amazing Roman Aqueducts, from the Aqueduct of Segovia in Spain and the Eifel Aqueduct in Germany, to the Valens Aqueduct in Turkey and Herod’s Aqueduct in Israel.


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5 Responses to “3 perspectives on bridges in public space”

  1. owenp Says:

    Nice post!

    The aqueducts are incredible.

    The Blanz piece too, is really striking.

  2. Benedikte Ranum Says:

    For more on bridges, have a look at this post by US architect Bob Borson, who is indulging in a bit of Santiago Calatrava bridge-spotting (with some stunning images thrown in):


  3. Stephen Bird Says:

    Nice – Santiago Calatrava bridges: Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin; Chords Bridge, Jerusalem.

  4. Benedikte Ranum Says:

    Incidentally, I see from the Stirling Council link that they describe our new footbridge as “iconic”. Of course.

    Is “iconic” a more relentlessly overused word than “solutions”, or is it pretty much neck-and-neck?

  5. Stephen Bird Says:

    Iconic or not, I hear a lot of “think what else they could have done with the money” mumbles from third sector etc. Although there’s something about a nice bridge …

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