Innovation in street furniture


For older people


After the rain

1. For older people
Butters Innovation has worked closely with Jarrow based company Miko Engineering to launch a new range of outdoor seating designed with the ageing population in mind at Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing and Health.

The newly designed seats help the elderly overcome problems faced when seating is too low, uncomfortable or difficult to use when walking with sticks or other aids.

2. After the rain
Turn the handle on the side of the bench and the seat will rotate to expose the dry side of the seat, and you will be able to sit down without getting wet. Designed by Sungwoo Park.


Back to the future


Out of the pavement

3. Back to the future
The WALL AG timescope lets the viewer gaze through a telescope that shows the past as well as the future. Viewers see the scene before them in different decades and states. The boundaries that separate the present, past, and future are dissolved. With timescope, history becomes alive and the future is just the blink of an eye away.

4. Out of the pavement
POP-UP is a result of a collaboration of Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martens. It can be pumped out of the pavement by local residents, and after use it can be lowered back into the pavement.

By using several sheets that can be fixed at any height, the choice is up to you whether you want to create a bench, a stage or a lounge area. The possibilities are endless. The Pop-Up blurs the boundaries between public and private.



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  1. Street Furniture Says:

    Number 2 I awesome, what a good idea

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