Ecobuild 2012 – External Works notes


As the dust settles after the 2012 Ecobuild event, here are few observations, in brief, from the External Works corner.

1) Landscape Institute sessions

  • Launch of Landscape Architecture – A guide for clients; vision – the power to transform places.
  • Case studies Q&A with Ian Houlston of LDA Design (Cotswolds AONB), Jon Berry of Tyler Grange (East Float Wirral Waters), and Duncan Ecob of Devereux (Prince Bishops Park, Bishop Auckland).
  • The theme of sustainable communities, including consultative planning and design, development of shared spaces, green infrastructure, and the importance of play and healthy lifestyles and behaviour.
  • Working with product manufacturers 1: the usefulness of landscape architects and manufacturers cooperating from the earliest stages of projects.
  • Working with product manufacturers 2: the value of innovation, and the critical role of manufacturers in communicating, educating and championing new technologies and techniques.

2) Conference session: Michael Sorkin on ‘The City After Now’

  • Wrong slides to start with – maybe a bit of performance theatre to set up the idea of disruption.
  • Crisis, the Gini coefficient, and the Occupy movement.
  • Reflections on ecological footprints, responsibility, modesty, consumption and ‘good lives’.
  • Terreform ONE (Open Network Ecology): non-profit design group promoting green design in cities.
  • Design actions: planning and designing compact cities; limiting scale and boundaries.
  • Applying patterns from Fez and Prague, Islamic and Medieval cities: plazas, streets and the chance to have ‘encounters’.
  • Venice, and the way that cars are parked outside.
  • Planning based on neighbourhoods with walking radiuses of 10 minutes.
  • Setting high bars: carbon neutrality in designed cities; 100% green cover (green roofs).
  • Increased urban autonomy, based on more agricultural self-sufficiency.

3)  Conference session: London 2012: the greenest Olympics ever

  • Collaboration between client, consultants and contractors – with Sir John Armitt (ODA), Jim Heverin, Zaha Hadid Architects (Aquatics Centre), Mike Taylor, Hopkins Architects Partnership (Velodrome), and Tom Jones, Populous Architects (Olympic Stadium).
  • Critically, clarity and consistency of objectives – including sustainability as a measure of success.
  • Innovation, from ground remediation processes to recycled aggregate constituency of concrete in the Velodrome.
  • Integrating landscapes: the unifying role of the river; parks, locks and habitats.
  • Urban parkland in the south; pastoral parkland in the north.
  • Landscape ties masterplan and unique building together.
  • Glass, rooflights and building envelopes connect insides and outsides.

4) Seminar: Delivering sustainable concrete on the Olympic Park

  • Kirsten Henson, Director, KLH Sustainability.
  • A good example of the expertise, subtlety, diplomacy – and passion – involved in materials procurement.
  • Materials management and the influence of the ‘balanced scorecard’.
  • ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ approach with manufacturers and materials suppliers.
  • The complexity of sustainable materials – sometimes recycled aggregate substitution, or PFA cement replacement, or local sourcing is the answer. But not a straightforward template or cure-all.
  • Resource: Learning Legacy website.

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