Finding specialist contractors via and the External Works directory


Adam White is a director of the landscape architecture practice, Davies White. In our latest video, he talks to Su Butcher about finding products and services for a public park development, centring on retaining the banks of a pond island. Adam explains how he used the new tools on and the familiar form of the printed External Works directory hand in hand.

ESI.infoTV Episode 3

Discussions about changes in publishing – how we get our news, gossip and information – must be a rich seam for commentators, whether they’re writing for print or the internet. Polarised debates make for snappy headlines (and tweets). Either/or.

But what relation does that bear to your typical working day? Leaving aside the futurology, what are the best resources for getting hold of new or alternative products, for getting in touch with specialist contractors, and for sharing that kind of information usefully with clients and collaborators?

The reality is that web-based collaboration, video conferencing and shared folders still co-exist, to a greater or lesser degree, with dossiers, project meetings, bookmarking with post-its and taking books onsite.

In the video, Adam describes how the familiar process of shortlisting credible companies in the External Works directory worked in tandem with logging on to to dig deeper and find the best web pages to share with clients, for ideas or approval.

  • Where do you stand on the merits of hard copy and online information?
  • How does it all work in practice, in real life?
  • How do you go about finding specialist contractors?

You can comment below or on Twitter (#ESIinfoTV)?

You can also register with for free to make full use of our search and information sharing tools.

Or if you manufacture construction products or offer specialist services you can get listed on


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