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Guest post: Floods crisis: Government indecision and delay “must stop now”


Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro International UK’s Stormwater Divison, explains why the implementation of the Pitt Review needs an injection of urgency, and why that ought to draw upon engineered SuDS technologies.

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As Britain is gripped by a floods crisis, Government indecision and inertia is seriously delaying vital work to protect thousands of homes and properties in the UK.

Devastating flooding is causing millions of pounds worth of damage in scenes reminiscent of the 2007 floods that prompted a groundbreaking Government review by Sir Michael Pitt. Yet how much real progress has been made? (more…)


Getting it right: water management and landscape design


Guest post: Claire Thirlwall is the director of landscape architecture practice Thirlwall Associates. She specialises in river restoration and water management, and also works on more traditional landscape architecture projects. Here, Claire outlines the pitfalls and opportunities presented by water in landscape design and construction schemes.

Water, and more precisely how you manage that water, can be make or break on a construction project. From the water falling on the roof of each building to flood water rising up through the drainage network, dealing with water within your site can be a real challenge.


“Sensitive SUDS” for alleviating flood risk


The past decade has seen destructive floods throughout the UK. With the future set to get wetter, there’s a greater urgency to upgrade flood defence systems and implement the latest drainage technologies and techniques to protect homes, infrastructure and lives.

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The past decade has seen widespread flooding in the UK, almost year-in year-out. Some of the most notable floods occurred in:

  • 2000 – the autumn of 2000 was the wettest since records began with almost 10,000 homes flooded throughout England and Wales, causing £3.5 billion worth of damage.
  • 2007 – the wettest May to July since records began was recorded in 2007, when the UK experienced further severe flooding.
  • 2009 – in November 2009, flooding in Cumbria resulted in catastrophic damage to homes and infrastructure, with the town’s vital Northside Bridge collapsing.