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Guest post: Floods crisis: Government indecision and delay “must stop now”


Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro International UK’s Stormwater Divison, explains why the implementation of the Pitt Review needs an injection of urgency, and why that ought to draw upon engineered SuDS technologies.

Flood image

As Britain is gripped by a floods crisis, Government indecision and inertia is seriously delaying vital work to protect thousands of homes and properties in the UK.

Devastating flooding is causing millions of pounds worth of damage in scenes reminiscent of the 2007 floods that prompted a groundbreaking Government review by Sir Michael Pitt. Yet how much real progress has been made? (more…)


Finding specialist contractors via and the External Works directory


Adam White is a director of the landscape architecture practice, Davies White. In our latest video, he talks to Su Butcher about finding products and services for a public park development, centring on retaining the banks of a pond island. Adam explains how he used the new tools on and the familiar form of the printed External Works directory hand in hand.

ESI.infoTV Episode 3 (more…)

The award-winning industry bible, EXTERNAL WORKS: to print or not to print? That was the question


Over 25 years of influence and expertise as the market leader and still going strong!

We recently undertook a survey to find out how many of you still use the EXTERNAL WORKS directory, either in its printed form (affectionately known as the industry bible) or via our website

The survey, which was sent to a wide range of professionals involved in external works and landscape projects, demonstrates that trusted, credible printed resources are still very much in demand when it comes to making decisions about who and what to work with.

Nearly 80% of you, who took part in the survey, confirmed that you still use printed copies of the EXTERNAL WORKS directory and 75% wanted to receive a new up-to-date directory.


Guest post: How LEDs are changing the entire concept of exterior lighting


Guy Harding, Lighting Development Manager at Woodhouse, sums up the challenges and opportunities associated with LED technology and its adoption for use in external lighting.