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3 perspectives on bridges in public space


by National Galleries of Scotland Commons on Flickr

More ruminations on walkability, this time the result of Stirling’s newest footbridge being closed for maintenance last week. There followed a few days of general upset, as the fine tolerances of my routine commute were thrown out of whack: missing trains, getting caught in rain, being late for tea.



Contemporary gardens and the urban landscape


Lausanne Jardins 2009 runs from the 20th June to the 24th October.

The 4th such festival in the Swiss city since 1997, Lausanne Jardins explores ‘experimental solutions in gardening, which could directly interfere with daily life in the city.’

‘For landscape architects, Lausanne Jardins offered new possibilities to glance over the garden fences and to emphasize the dialog between nature and artifice, between the vegetal and the mineral.’

Prime Minister’s Award recognises multifunctional and connected spaces


The Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award 2009 has shortlisted a number of projects commended for re-using landscapes and linking spaces.

Bridges, canals, and road and rail extensions rank highly. So do schemes using artistically designed furniture, such as lighting, and mature tree planting.

ESI references: