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Getting it right: water management and landscape design


Guest post: Claire Thirlwall is the director of landscape architecture practice Thirlwall Associates. She specialises in river restoration and water management, and also works on more traditional landscape architecture projects. Here, Claire outlines the pitfalls and opportunities presented by water in landscape design and construction schemes.

Water, and more precisely how you manage that water, can be make or break on a construction project. From the water falling on the roof of each building to flood water rising up through the drainage network, dealing with water within your site can be a real challenge.



The need to make urban water systems sustainable | video lecture


Part of University College London’s Lunch Hour Lectures.

Given by Dr Sarah Bell of the UCL’s Environment Institute

There’s also a 3 minute mini version available.

And if you haven’t got time for that than here’s the executive summary:

The big problems
– Overuse of water in cities in the developed world puts huge pressure on ecological systems and is not sustainable.
– The lack of basic sanitation and clean drinking water supply in cities in the developing world poses significant health risks

The solutions
– Widespread use of waterless sanitation (compostless toilets for example)
– The recycling of water for use in sanitation systems (rainwater harvesting for example)
– The redesign of appliances and houses to use less water, and, by implication, change the way we live

Urban technology forecast


Five predictions about urban technology changes in the next five years, from IBM’s Next 5 in 5 review.

  1. Cities will have healthier immune systems
  2. City buildings will sense and respond like living organisms
  3. Cars and city buses will run on empty
  4. Smarter systems will quench cities’ thirst for water and save energy
  5. Cities will respond to a crisis—even before receiving an emergency phone call

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Water in Chicago – 2106 – a sustainable future

UrbanLab - growing water in Chicago

UrbanLab - 'growing water' in Chicago

UrbanLab presents ‘growing water’, a sustainable vision of how Chicago could develop a more holistic relationship with water, which is what, UrbanLab argues, will become the world’s most precious resource within the next hundred years.

Can Chicago recycle and retain its water resources, instead of constantly depleting them?

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From landfill to landscape

Picture from The Dirt

Picture from The Dirt

The Dirt reports on plans to develop an expansive public park on Israel’s largest landfill site.

The proposals include 2000 acres of parkland, a man-made lake, on-site water recycling facilities, bio-gas collection systems, man-made wetlands, and an amphitheatre for public events, with transport connections and parking.

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Broken waterworks


Robert Lane Fox berates England for the state and grandeur of its fountains.

‘What Frenchman would ever tolerate all the feeble water spouts in London, culminating in those diminutive jets at Marble Arch?’

Apparently all is more impressive on the Continent.

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Soft landscaping 2080: reducing watering


Defra forecasts a possible 4.2°C summer temperature increase by 2080.

Green Places reports interesting approaches to cultivation, watering and rainwater recycling.

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